Reporting by defined period


It would be extremely useful to break down conversion by a given time period like a month, week or even by day.

Currently using GA for that, but anything that would help me spend less time in GA is highly appreciated :wink:


Great idea, Finge!

We’re actually looking forward to implementing this feature, among others, to give your reports a bit more depth, clarity and customizability. Tracking stats is crucial to the overall success of a campaign, so we’re excited to put more emphasis into reporting as a whole.


Excellent! Looking forward to it!


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It would be awesome if you could change the time frame on Unbounce to show how many conversions / visits occurred during a specific time. This would be helpful for agencies who need to report back to clients on how successful they were during the month.


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Need to know how to set a date-range for results of visits and conversions. All I see the collection of cumulative data - there does not appear to be a date range field where I can go back and report on a specific week.

HELP :frowning: