Removing a script from a specific domain


I am having trouble finding a way to have script manager not feed a certain script to a page based off of the domain in script manager.

Is there any way to exempt certain scripts for certain pages?

Do I have to manually add remove by page? That will be a headache. We want to stop live chat from appearing on this one particular page, the live chat is on multiple pages for the domain but we do not want it on this one. Anybody know a good workaround?

@JJJ there is already a setting in the Script Manager where you can select the domains you prefer.

“Script Usage” just select to edit the script in Script Manager and you should see your list of domains display.

Thanks Kyle, the issue is deeper though. Example.
we want the script running.
we do not want the script running.

Any way to adjust this at the page level outside of a full manual redo?

Hi @JJJ. You would need to move the script from the script manager to page level. Hope that helps.