Remove underline from text link



How can I remove the blue underline under this link?


Hi @Aviel_Landov, you can do this quite easily. Here’s how:

  1. In the builder, double click the text and then click on the “View Source” button that pops up under it.
  2. Add style="text-decoration:none;" to the HTML for the link.
  3. Save and preview!

So if your HTML looked like this before (for example):

<p><a data-action="url" data-params="false" href="" target="_self">This is a Link</a></p>

It would now look like this:

<p><a data-action="url" data-params="false" href="" style="text-decoration:none;" target="_self">This is a Link</a></p>

Here’a GIF showing the process:

Let us know if that works! This is just to remove that one underline. There’s other ways to apply this type of change to every link on a page and also to just change the color of the underline if that’s what you want to do.


Thanks! its worked


Hey guys, I tried to do this and it won’t even save.


What part isn’t saving? Just that edit to the text box, or the entire page won’t save any changes?


I’ve added it to the css but It works only if style=“text-decoration:none;” is added to each link. Can you implement it to work with the css file and not only with each link?