Removal of jQuery and Fancybox Script Options from the Builder

Hi folks!

On Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019, we deployed a change that will remove the predefined jQuery and Fancybox script options from the builder. This used to be checkboxes at the bottom left of “Manage Scripts” modal when adding custom JavaScript to your pages.

We removed this since jQuery isn’t as ubiquitous as it was when we added it, and the version that used to be in the app was an old version (v1.4.2)

One thing to note though, existing pages with the script enabled prior to the removal would not be affected and would be seeing a new script added to that page that loads the jQuery 1.4.2 CDN.

Moving forward, if your page require jQuery, you’ll have to add it to the page as JavaScript with the appropriate version from


I also noticed that the lp.jQuery object has been removed. Are the scripts in the The Master List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks going to be updated to reflect that change? I know quite a few scripts leverage that object.


Hi! Great observation! For this release, we went ahead to test our community workarounds as well. All scripts that used to depend on jQuery are changed to either work without jQuery or edited to add a step to install jQuery.

An example would be this workaround: [Tips & Scripts] Fading Fixed Header where an additional step 2 was added to install the jQuery CDN.


I was a bit worried to see how you would take care of this problem as some pages use a lot of JQuery.
I think you made the right choices.
When i duplicate one of my page, the two boxes aren’t there anymore, instead i have a new script that call JQuery. :+1:

I hope this change will allow you to improve on the form builder !

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