Remote AJAX Validation


The validation script that is bundled automatically on Unbounce seems to be loosely based on jquery.validation plugin. I’m interested in using the “remote” validation to AJAX to a third party. Unbounce’s script has a “remote” function which uses AJAX but is sufficiently different that I can’t seem to get it to fire.

Do you have any documentation on how to properly use this feature?


Did this just happen recently? I had some code which calls one of our functions, and it stopped working last week.
or have you never been able to get it to work?


Do either of these rely on running the ajax call before submit function? Specifically using Noah’s script (
There are two aspects to the functionality of that script that I am trying to convince Unbounce are broken.

  • The payload won’t fire on a mobile device…
  • The keyup event for the enter key won’t obey the e.preventDefault call… (mobile or desktop)

The first aspect broke an ajax based submission on one of our forms. My fix was to completely remove the usual submit button and replace it and it’s functionality with a second button.

The second aspect I really have no idea how to fix but it will break both the multipage scripts on the forums as when you press enter on the form the entire form will validate rather than just the page you are on… Currently trying to prove to support that this is the case.


Thanks for your reply.

One challenge is I have to do a CORS call, and I am getting CORS errors now, where I was not 2 weeks ago. I’m still looking into it. Very odd. May not in fact be Unbounce. It is odd however that it happned in the same week as an outage.


FYI, fixed this in my code. Why it stopped, I have no idea.