Remarketing Tag added to Page - Marked yellow (Invalid)


New to the service.

Created some landing pages and I have been adding my GAnalytics code to my Landing Pages. All is good so far.

Then I started to add my Google Remarketing Tag. It shows up highlighted yellow with the word INVALID in parentheses next to it.

I am assuming that the page doesn’t like something about the code. I moved it from Before the End of Body tag to After the Body tag and still the same.

Do Unbounce pages just not support the Remarketing tag?


Hey Brent - the HTML validators looks at the syntax of the code to make sure all’s okay. If you receive an invalid message, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the code won’t work though. It’s more of a heads up that something *may* be amiss.

If you’re copying/pasting the code directly from Google, I’d assume it’ll be just fine so go ahead and embed the code and test it out. It should work great.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue though. Our team is constantly improving the validator so we’ll take a look and see what might be throwing it off.


Thanks for the reply. I am working on getting my DNS pointing properly and once that is done I will launch the pages and let you know if i see any issues with tagging visitors


Sounds great Brent. Be sure to let us know if we can lend you a hand with the DNS stuff or the remarketing code.


I had the same problem. I changed the position to ‘Before the End of Body tag’ and removed the comment before the script (something like ‘this is the remarketing tag for google…’. Now it seems to be working!


Had the same issue. I embedded the code using the HTML embed drop and drag box on my page and it work perfectly.


Tiago - Awesome! That worked


Good to know! I also implemented Harold’s suggestion to guarantee.


I have this problem also, except it happens inconsistently. On one page, the remarketing tag validated fine. On another page, the exact same code was marked as invalid.


Hey Scott - sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

That error message serves to help customers who embed code on their page(s). As we recently rolled this out, you may not see the error message on original pages, but if you duplicate them you will.

Similar, to a validator like your code will most likely work, but it is not perfect, thus the warning. It doesn’t mean the page is broken, it simply means the code may not be perfect. Going forward we hope to improve the error message, to be truthful it’s caused more confusion for our customers rather than be of help.

If the Remarketing Tag works, I’d go ahead and ignore this error message. Hope that helps!


I found removing the comment at the beginning of the tag meant the code validated!


Mine showed that it was invalid, I tried the suggestions above and removed the top portion that states what the code is for. After doing that it said the code was fine but it didn’t work according to AdWords, so now I’m back trying to test the ‘invalid’ code as AdWords as it.


Thanks, that works!