Referral landing page


Hey im trying to create a form with enough room to fit all the information im requesting its a landing page for referrals we can receive from our old customers. similar to this here Is there a template in unbounce you guys reccomend?


Hey there,

I don’t recall seeing any templates in the Unbounce library that would have large forms like this, so you might be better off just building it from scratch. The templates in the library are optimized for conversions, and having the shortest form possible is usually the way to go in those cases.

However, there are some things you can check out that may help you create this kind of page…

You can make form fields align side-by-side using this tip and script:

…and keep in mind, you can also use a third party form provider and embed it onto an Unbounce page, if that ends up being a good option as well. For instance, I’ve been pretty happy with Typeform, which makes forms fun to fill out, because they display just one question at a time. You might want to check them out. You can embed the Typeform on your Unbounce page, or just link out to it.

Best of luck!


ok ive made my typeform but now how do i put it into my unbounce landing