Reference ID codes for pages


Just started using unbounce and the only issue I’m having is not being ablt to give pages a unique reference number. It’s likely that we will have in excess of 100 landing pages for all our various products and trying to sort through these, even with groups, is going to be a hassle.

I don’t want to compromise the URL with a code but having another ‘internal’ reference which I can use within unbounce to sort and search would be great.


Hi Will! Good idea. As a hack for now, you could include your code in the page name. Something like:

Q100: Slicer/Dicer
Z302: Quantum Untangler
B463: Portable Black Hole

We *default* the page URL based on your page name, but you’re totally free to remove your code from it after you create your page. The published page title is also totally separate. Does that help a bit?