Redirecting page "inside" unbounce


I know that this issue was brought on this community more than once, but I’m hoping that you guys help me out with alternative solutions.

Here’s what:

We had our old application pages on a subdomain: under a server that’s about to be deleted, this server is currently redirecting the users to our Unbounce pages but as the server will soon expire we will lose this redirection and soon enough we will see a 404 error.

We’re moving our page to a new subdomain, registered with Unbounce called

How can I set up this redirection? If I setup this DNS in Unbounce it will have no idea what to do with users coming from that domain.

Any help will be appreciated, really getting desperate…


Carl, you just saved my life! I will probably go for option number 2 :slight_smile: I will keep in touch with your support team.



Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.


Quick question… is it possible to add the redirect functionality into the Unbounce user interface so we can do that to some our own domains without needing to contact tech support.

I’m looking into a migration of various domains at the moment into one master with multiple subs, this would be an ideal chance to use that kind of option. 




Hey Stuart, if we get enough requests for this we’ll certainly look at adding it into the interface.  It’s definitely been discussed, it’s just a matter of ranking it against all the other features we could possibly build!  Regardless, I’ll be sure to ping our product management folks and put the bug in their ear…


That would be awesome Carl, many thanks, although I realise it’s probably not a widely needed feature above other things the community are shouting for.


Hi Simao, there are a couple ways to set this up.

First option, If I understand correctly, you’ll still keep your domain registration for with FastNet.  Some hosting providers supply a redirection service in their control panel.  I had a quick look through FastNet’s knowledge base, but I didn’t see anything, so you might have to check with them.  If they support redirects, you can just configure it in FastNet and be done.

Second option if FastNet can’t help, we could manually setup a redirect for you.  You’d want to:

  1.  Add the domain in Unbounce (which won’t immediately affect your current domain).
  2.  Let us know you’ve added the domain, we’ll then configure the redirection from to
  3.  Update your DNS to CNAME to as usual.

Once you complete the DNS update in step 3 (and wait for the changes to propagate, which according to your DNS configuration will take 24 hours), you’ll then have folks redirected to your new site.

Really hope that helps you out, just let us know what works for you!  If you’d like us to setup the redirect just open a support ticket with us and mention our conversation here.