Redirect state in API

Is it possible to identify which pages are redirected in the API? The [state] field returns “published” whether the page is redirected or not.

Sample Use Case:
As an analytics manager, I need to understand which of my pages are underperforming so that I can improve my execution.

You pull a list of 100 pages via the API. Sixty of them are pulling leads and forty are not. You have no idea if those forty are not pulling because they’ve been redirected and therefore are not expected to generate leads, or if they are underperforming.

Hey Joe,

While I can’t answer your question in regards to the API, there’s a couple of things I might do:

  1. I wouldn’t rely on the Unbounce redirection option - personally when I’m done with an LP, I unpublish and shift to graveyard (just a folder) in case I want to bring it back one day (or if I have no interest in bringing back ever then I delete to keep things clean). I then add the original URL to my general redirect rules outside of Unbounce. I find this a safer option and good house keeping.

  2. With any LP I create/publish, I put something in the URL that’s consistent across all and only LPs… .com/lp/example or .com/marketing/example, and then it’s very easy to view/segement these LPs in Google Analytics and see how all LPs are performing and where I might need to focus time improving the LP or the traffic quality… the API route won’t give you any insight into the traffic source/quality so while you may have a 2% conversion rate vs another page with a 4% conversion rate, it may have nothing to the with the LP and everything to do with the execution of your marketing efforts.

Not sure if that’s helpful - but you just never know :slight_smile: