Redirect from Unbounce and pass through URL parameters

You know how in Unbounce there’s the checkbox on a button that says “pass through URL parameters”? Is there a way to pass through parameters when you have an Unbounce page redirecting?

We had an Unbounce page setup for a special campaign and a ton of external links point to it. We now have a different page for the traffic to point to and we’ve setup an Unbounce redirect to move the user along, but the new page doesn’t get any of the parameters, which is a huge bummer.

Any ideas?

Hey Chris,

You posted this a while back so this problem may no longer exist for you, however thought I’d ask:

Do users ever load or engage with the existing page or is the redirect immediate?

No need for users to engage with page, so it’s an immediate redirect.

How is the redirect configured?

i.e. Domain redirect? Using a link redirector?

It’s hard to make any suggestions without more information.

The redirect is setup using Unbounce’s built-in redirect function. I’m asking if there’s a way to keep URL params while redirecting.


  1. URL in Facebook ad:
  2. User lands on Unbounce page.
  3. User is redirected using Unbounce’s built in redirect function to

What’s missing in the above workflow is keeping the params on Unbounce’s redirect. I want to redirect user to

Hey @cfen,

Alex from Unbounce Support here! :wave:

At the moment our native 301/302 redirect feature is (unfortunately) not able to pass along UTM/URL parameters. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news with that.

There could be a third party tool that helps to accomplish this - or perhaps one of the community leaders might have a workaround to offer! However I’m afraid it’s expected behaviour for the UTMs not to pass with the redirect with the way this feature is built right now. You normally see this feature used in the short term if an old page has been retired and you need to redirect visitors to a new URL - you don’t often have these redirects going for very long, so that may be why.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someone might have some ideas to try, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I hear of anything on my end in the meantime!

@cfen, @Alex

It might be possible to use Google Tag Manager to capture the UTM data, then use Javascript to re-direct the visitors with a UTM decorated link.

This would require removing the 301/392 and having the JS do the redirect for you, as the visitors would need to actually hit the page so that GTM could pull the information to decorate the link.

They would only need to be on the page long enough to pull the data and so they wouldn’t load/see the old page. The user would likely just experience a very very short delay while GTM/JS do their work and send the user on.

This would be a job for a front end developer or a very experienced technical marketer.

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