Redirect domain to landing page

Hello good morning,

I have a page in another host that I would like to redirect to a landing page that I created in unbounce but I want that the url from the other external page appear when a click one the buttom that I will link to the unbounce landing page.

Can you help me?

Best Regards João.

Hi João, it sounds like you may want to set up domain forwarding with masking. This allows you to forward any domain or URL to another URL while keeping the original domain name in the browser address bar. It isn’t something you would set up in Unbounce, but rather through your domain registrar or wherever your DNS records are hosted. And the specific steps would depend on your host. For GoDaddy for example, here are the steps:

Hello Nicholas,

Thank you very much for your response, can you tell if is possible to atribute or purchase I fixed IP for one of my pages?

Best Regards João Maxieira.