Redirect as a variant


Hi Unbounce gurus,

Relatively new to Unbounce, but how do I setup a redirect as a variant? I want to test performance for a landing page that I created here in Unbounce versus our current page on our live site. I’ll be using conversion pixel tracking on the thank-you page to track results (as well as some parameter passing in the URL if I can).

This was easy in Optimizely, which I’ve used in the past, but can’t figure out how to do that for just a single variant in Unbounce?



Hi Brandon,

You could achieve this by using Google Experiments to do the split test. Google allows you to perform server-side or browser-only experiments to test your changes.

However, I would suggest simply re-creating the original page in Unbounce itself!

If you are going to create a page variation in Unbounce, then most of the page elements would be the same as the original anyway (best practices for A/B testing suggest testing minor changes to correctly measure and attribute the impact of the test).



Thanks Andre,

Unfortunately, it’s not feasible at this time to rebuild the original page in Unbounce. For this A/B, we’re testing 2 very different concepts, which will help decide which to further optimize against.

I’ll take a look at Google Experiments, but does that mean there is not a way in Unbounce to set up a redirect as a page variant?

Appreciate it,


Hi Brandon,

I don’t believe Unbounce supports this right now. Since Unbounce loaded the variants via the same URL in the browser, a redirect solution might not work.

You could raise a support request with the Unbounce team to help you out though. If there is a solution, they would definitely have it.