Redesign Page/Group Organization


Pages and Groups is non-intuitive, not user friendly and confusing. I have to go three levels deep to see stuff I should see at the top level. You don’t need three levels. I vote for a simplified redesign!

I need to get pages out faster, and not waste time hunting for them. Moreover, when I exit without saving, auto-save, don’t prompt me.


Hey Matt, I’m glad you brought this up! We do actually have plans to improve the way-finding and navigability of pages and groups in the app. I know it makes a lot of customers frustrated sometimes (myself included) and it’s also going to be necessary as our tool evolves.


Carter, thanks for the follow up. Yes, as an architect, when I go into a group and save a page and it kicks me back out to all pages, arrrrgh. Glad to know it’s in the works. Thanks for the follow up.


I would like to see an option for sub-groups so that I can match the structure I maintain in Adwords (Campaigns > AdGroups) = (Group > Sub-group).


Thanks for the feedback, Paul!