Recording conversions & lead details via third-party form into Unbounce?

I’m embedding a Marketo form on an Unbounce landing page (to take advantage of progressive profiling), but I’d still like to track the lead submissions and conversions natively in Unbounce.

From my research, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to trigger a conversion and pass the lead details into Unbounce simultaneously without hitting an external landing page—is that accurate? Is there any way to utilize a headless form or something similar to essentially mimic the activity of an Unbounce form being submitted, but in reality the user is only completing the Marketo form?

Hello @mstonefb,

On most of our campaign we use a Third party from called Jotform.
To keep using the A/B testing tracking, we have to create a confirmation LP where we add the unbounce tracking script and in Jotform, in the configuration tool, we choose to redirect the trafic to an external page (the Confirmation LP).

i’ve search in google and saw that you can also do that in marketo. There is a menu for changing the way the thank you page :

You’ll find the external tracking conversion info and script on this page :
→ don’t forget to uncheck all conversion goals on your LP !

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