Recommendations for Session Recording Tools (Fullstory, ClickTale, SessionCam...)


I am looking to improve my A/B testing strategy using session recording tools. I want to validate hypothesis by observing user behavior on my pages.

What do you use?


I can’t even get ClickTale sales to give me a call. Not sure what their deal is…

Fullstory is amazing for session recording. However, I was hoping for more features, such as Attention Heatmaps and Form Analytics.

I have a demo scheduled with SessionCam later this week.


Hi @Phillip

Fullstory is good - just chatted with them today at the CTA conference!

My go-to is always Hotjar and I use it for every page. There you’ll find heatmaps, click maps, recordings, polls, funnels and form data. It is awesome & I highly recommend it!

You can go here to get started ➟


Great question. The tool I use most often is Hotjar. However, I recently stumbled upon SmartLook, which is very similar and offers more generous pricing, so you might want to give that a try.

A while back, I tried to round up some of the most popular tools in this caregory. Here they are:


Awesome roundup! Thanks @Nicholas


Thanks @Caroline

I liked Hotjar, especially for the price. But the lack of Attention Heatmaps was a deal breaker. I want to know which sections of the page are most and least valuable. For desktop visitors, I could use Move Heatmaps. However, over 70% of my visitors are mobile.

How do you typically use Hotjar?