Recommendations For Checkout Page?


Are there any recommendations for how to set up a checkout page for my product? Would love to turn this into actual sales… Do I need to set one up with Shopify or a similar place, or can I do it here at Unbounce?


Hi Darwin! Receiving payments directly within Unbounce is currently not possible, but you can certainly link from your Unbounce page (perhaps from a ‘Purchase’ button) to a payment processer to take the payment. Once your payment has been captured, you can set it up so your lead is redirected back to Unbounce.

For an article explaining how to do this with PayPal, as an example, please visit the following link:…


Can you use an iframe based shopping cart?


Hey Jason - you *could* but I’m not sure you’d want to necessarily. Unbounce allows you to embed any custom HTML you need including iframes. The only challenge is that the pages aren’t hosted securely so even if you were to embed a shopping cart, you wouldn’t want to collect payment on the pages.


If you’re using Stripe, have a look at It handles all the payment logic between your Unbounce page and Stripe, letting you keep Stripe’s awesome checkout experience. If you need anything, feel freel to email me directly to