Recognize an embedded Wufoo form as a conversion?


It would be great if Unbounce could track wufoo form submissions. They have a wide open API, hopefully someone could figure it out. Otherwise is there anyway to trick it? ie create a button overlapping wufoo’s submit and have it make a call to action wufoo’s? Would be nice to see all my stats in unbounce but wufoo forms are kick-ass and I’m sticking with them for the submits…


Hi Matalin! As it turns out, this is something we’ve just recently been discussing, and really hope to have out sometime soon. There are a couple different approaches we can take to register the conversion. High on the list right now is using WuFoo’s WebHook API so Unbounce gets the callback after the form submission.

Just curious, when you embed a WuFoo form in an Unbounce page, do you use the same form elsewhere, or do you create a unique WuFoo form just for a particular Unbounce page?


same form has been used elsewhere in some cases. We’ve just taken the step of replacing our main site with three unbounce pages. We wouldn’t be so keen to switch out the forms because of the continuity of data - we have over a years worth of data in the form which makes for some great reports in wufoo.

Still trying to figure out how I might be able to A/B test parts of the form itself and still keep the data funneling into the one place. hence the posibility of a “dummy” button that could sit above wufoo’s own submit - could it then call over the api and tell the form to submit? or some variant? that would allow the performance of the CTA form button to be tested without using lots of forms…

Great to hear you’re already on the case!



I super-duper second this idea.

I set up specific forms for unbounce, because they are more powerful than the built in forms.


Just a quick update, we’re chatting with the good folks over at Wufoo, and are making some progress. We have a little back-and-forth development between us, so can’t really comment on a timeline, other than “it’s actively being worked on”!


Any progress on this? I’d love an update because it’s a feature we’d also like to have! Cheers, Whitney


For this to work nicely we each (Wufoo and Unbounce) have some development to do. We’re not sure yet where they’ll slot their end of the work in. But be sure to poke them and let them know this is an integration you want, as they’re doing some dev schedule planning this week!


How does this stack up now that Wufoo have been purchased? still on the road map? Currently it’s the real achilles heal, that I get conversion stats in unbounce getting to the web form page, but have to go to wufoo to see what the conversion completion rate is, which doesn’t give me A/B…


Is it possible to have the wufoo form on submit go to a custom url and on that url you have the unbounce conversion script?


My form already goes to another unbounce page which has further goals - ie once they’ve submitted a form entry, they get taken to a thank you page and encouraged to join us on facebook or follow on twitter… so if there’s some magic unbounce script I don’t know about, I’d be happy!


How happy?…



pretty happy! now hoping the bit about 2 types of conversion goals causing problems won’t apply to my 2 page lead gen site - they land on homepage, clickthrough to contact form page (embedded wufoo form) and then finally hit the thank you page where I’ve now added the script… fingers crossed we’re sorted!


I hope it works for you! On the site I linked to earlier they say “We then select the page that visitor has seen most recently” so I think it should work for you.

I have never done it but plan to and was hoping it would work. Please let me know when you find out!


I think it should work for you Matalin - and thanks Tyler for pointing this out!