reCAPTCHA integration after few year still no solution

Hi, do anyone has a solution to fix spam leads problem?

Hey @Bin_Seng_Low,

SPAM leads have not been a serious issues for any of my clients so if you are experiencing an unusually high volume of these, I suggest you contact the awesome folks at Unbounce support directly.

They’ll be able to dig into your account and figure out why this is the case.

reCAPTCHA seems like an easy solution but based on my experience there are serious downsides to it as well.


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Hi @Bin_Seng_Low!

My name’s Alex! I’m part of the Customer Success team at Unbounce.

Just to piggy back on what @Hristian mentioned, we’d be more than happy to take a look at any pages in your account that you think might be affected by spam. You can get in touch with us at or through one of our live channels.

In my experience, reCAPTCHA can indeed sometimes negatively impact the performance of landing pages - because you normally want there to be as few barriers as possible between your visitors arriving on your page and completing your Call to Action, i.e. completing a form.

Definitely please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here in Support if you are concerned about spam though! We’d be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

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I keep seeing these response regarding reCAPTCHA and its negative impact.

Firstly, the google INVISIBLE reCAPTCHA has very little impact to REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC.

Secondly, and more importantly, all of these responses are in the context of “spam” and organic lead generation. They ignore the reality that many of use use “landing pages” as monetization funnels where we are PAYING for leads in REAL TIME.

In that context, bot leads, or lead stuffing can be disastrous. A “valid” email submit costs us money, even if it is from a bot. Invisible reCAPTCHA prevents most of this traffic with having almost zero impact on legitimate human traffic.

This is not something that has anything to do with “taking a look at pages” to see if they can be better optimized to prevent “spam” - this is about preventing lead/click FRAUD in its many forms.

I see absolutely no reason why Invisible reCAPTCHA should NOT be used on any form, especially those that are not 100% organic traffic.

I find it frustrating that the prevailing wisdom, advice in this community and the product roadmap continue to frown upon implementation of a proven tool that prevents a large portion of lead fraud.

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I 100% agree with and echo @BeanAnimal’s view on this. Removing spam form completions/conversions is an act of cleansing and should not be viewed as having a negative impact on the conversion rate.

As a B2B business who pretty much solely rely on unbounce for landing pages as part of paid search and media campaigns we value quality of quantity all day long. Receiving hundreds of useless ‘conversions’ with little or no intent is meaningless and wastes time and sales resources.

This is not entirely related to or a work-around that is specifically built to tackle spam - but we have slowly rolled out this script which (rather crudely) attempts to vet for business email addresses. Given that it appears bots and spammers tend to love gmail and a seemingly finite number of webmail service providers this has worked for us in terms of almost entirely removing spam/bot/junk conversions.

It’s easily added as a script and simply ensure that your fields lables match those in the script and you are all set - here is the topic covered a while back.

Appreciate that this will most likely be of little use in a B2C context - however you may be able to reduce the number of .ru and other usually nuisance email domains.

I think you will find that many marketers are looking to generate VALID GMAIL and YAHOO/OAL leads. That is precisely why invisible reCAPTCHA is important. Those domains are rife with bots and the recaptha weeds them out.