Realtime Unbounce with API Metrics and Wavefront


Have you ever wanted a realtime review of your unbounce performance? I did. We run a ton of unbounce pages(example), even using the dynamic features, and I also spend a ton with Google and other ad providers. Over time, my team has built a lead generating machine, and I’d like to know when its misbehaving.

As it turns out, I also work for a realtime analytics product group at VMware,called Wavefront. Since I can code, and since Unbounce’s reporting is pretty weak (Sorry folks), I wanted to be able to grab the data so I can do analytics on it, and well as see if I have any outages.

Now, I’m a scripter at heart. Its just easier. so I was able to pull data from Unbounce with 4 lines of BASH code, and another 4 lines of AWK code, on Ubuntu. I’ll walk you through it. (The code is on GitHub)

I use curl to get the data from Unbounce. You’ll need to get an Unbounce API key. You also need to include the “:” after the password, since Unbounce expects a null password. I then use JQ to format the result and pull out the stats I want. In this case its visits, vistors clicks conversions and its publish state.

I then filter the data slightly with SED, since the Wavefront data format does not like “https:” at at the front of the url. Finally, I print out the data in Wavefront format using AWK (in the pjq.awk file), and then pipe it to nc to send to the Wavefront proxy.

Here’s an example of a screenshot of a dashboard:

If you’d like to try this out, sign up for a free trial, or reach out to me on our Public Slack.


Holy smokes, this is awesome @BillRothVMware! Thanks for sharing the code, and the inspiration :+1:


Honored…If you want a free trial and it runs out, I can fix that for my unbounce folks.