Real-time phone number validation. Would it help you?


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Hi unbounce community,

We’ll soon be launching real-time telephone number validation for unbounce web forms. We’d love to know if this is a product that would help you?!

The service stops invalid numbers from being submitted by checking the phone number is live and will receive a call or SMS message.

It’s been designed specifically for unbounce so that it can be added quickly and easily without any technical know-how.

Please let us know if this useful, visit our landing page for more information and register your interest:

p.s. this is a UK product only


Is there any news on a release date for this? Would be super useful!


Hi, it will be available Friday 10th November, an email will be sent out to notify you.

Thanks, Paul.


Great to hear, thanks paul!


What a shame that it’s only for UK. Any potential integration for Australia?


Hi Nick, the validation app is now ready for you to join. Noticed you register a few hours ago but as the site was in holding the registration did not complete.

The link to register has been updated as follows

Thanks for the patience, Paul.


Hi Ben no plans at the moment to develop an Australian validation service. Shall let you know if that changes.


Thanks for letting me know paul- will sign up now


Where can I find the script to add to unbounce?