Real Estate Landing Pages


Anyone willing to share landing pages they’ve used that convert? A few categories I’m thinking about:

  • Seller Leads
  • Buyer Leads
  • Downsizing leads (55 and older)
  • Property Management leads

I have at least 1 page running (I’ve only been signed up a week or so) and I am working on 3 others. I’d be happy to post them and my results.


Hi Drew! 

It looks like nobody has chimed in here yet so I wanted to jump in with some suggestions. We’ve covered a few Real Estate Templates on our blog in the past, which I’ll link you to below. We don’t have the conversion stats for each, but we do go over the strong elements of each design with tips on where they can improve. 

Check out: 
¥ #25 on this list
¥ #5 and #10 on this list
¥ #17 and #21 on this list

There’s also the Sun Brand Homes page, which won the grand prize during our Landing Page Smackdown at the CTA Conference this year.
¥ Sunbrand Homes - Built in Unbounce
¥ Page Fights CTA Conference Video 
No matter which designs you go for, just make sure you’re always testing and always trying to optimize your landing pages. 

Hope this helps, Drew!