Real Estate Landing Pages Buyers or Sellers


Anyone using unbounce for real estate landing pages. Either buyer or sellers. Looking for successful ideas to collaborate on. Thanks


Hi Benjamin,

We’ve been using it for a couple of months now and we’re getting great results.

Check out our page here:…

Cheers, Iain


Thank Lain. It is always great to see what is working and not working. I have made some really good looking pages in the past that didn’t necessarily convert like I thought they would.


I’ve found that less is more as much as possible. While A/B testing the pages that had more information usually converted less and the lead quality stayed the same. Our leads went up massively when we made the phone number optional, but the quality of leads without a phone number was awful, so we made that mandatory.


Not sure why there aren’t more companies out there working lead pages for real estate. I have looked all over the country at real estate landing pages and don’t see much evolution.



I’ve been using it for specific niches. What I’ve found is that every page that I think will work doesn’t work and pages I don’t like, seem to convert the best :slight_smile:

One note, I’ve found that including recent completed transactions really benefits conversion rates.


Hi William,

I like the idea of ‘recent transactions’ on the page. I think I’ll try a variation of that.

Benjamin, I’m not sure if you incorporated your pages into your main site. I used standalone landing pages a couple of years ago and they were nowhere near as effective as being placed directly into a already established website.
Be clear about what the client is getting and why they should give you their details and also be clear that you aren’t going to add them to a mailer or spam them.

We’re going to be working a lot on our landing pages over the next few months, so feel free to keep an eye on our page and if you’ve got any great ideas please share!

Cheers, Iain