Re-trigger a workflow upon re-subscribe


Pushing this out to the community for possible inspiration from those who may have struggled similarly. 

I use an Unbounce Landing Page to collect two bits of information, First Name & Email. The purpose of this landing page is to give my client a means to start a CampaignMonitor workflow that sends out useful service and store details. The workflow is meant to be sent after each time a customer shops at this store, but the problem I run into is that when this Unbounce form is filled out by the store salesperson for a repeat customer, the customer is already a subscriber and this active subscriber status does not re-trigger the workflow when the form is completed with the same data. 

Ideally, the workflow should fire every time the Unbounce form is completed, instead of only firing when the subscriber didn’t exist on this list. 

I have searched high and low for a fix to this fairly simple obstacle, but it seems CampaignMonitor was simply not built for this type of thing. Before you answer with the answer being Transaction Emails, the client has a proprietary POS system from the 90’s that doesn’t allow for any API coding; we built this workaround for client communication due to the owner’s wishes and CM being home to the clients’ newsletter campaigns. 


Love Zapier… reasonably priced, the only issue can be the time delay unless you’re on the higher plans but that depends on your processes and the markets you’re in. :slight_smile:


Hi Finge, 

Greatly appreciate the feedback. I already tried the Zapier method and it seems to continue to fail. The problem is that the “resubscribe” feature ONLY works if the subscriber is inactive (unsubscribed/deleted). The automation workflow will not trigger if you are resubscribing an active subscriber.

Now if there was a way to make users be set to inactive automatically within CampaignMonitor, this might actually work… It’s a double band-aid, but at this point, i’m desperate.




Hi Stuart. I expected the “restart autoresponder” option to take care of this. I have performed some testing on this now - and indeed you are correct. I would reach out to the support team at Campaign Monitor to see if they have some ideas :wink:


Thanks for trying Finge. I haven’t got anywhere with CampaignMonitor support. Here’s their response to the same query. 

"We do not have a way in our application to have subscribers be marked as “inactive” or unsubscribed after a certain period of time. You could certainly do this programmatically using our API, but it isn’t a feature that we have built out. I’ll track that in our feature tracker for sure, though!

There isn’t a way, yet, to get information via the API as to when a workflow has completed, unfortunately, so Zapier does not have a method of creating an unsubscribe action only after all emails in a workflow have ben sent. We just recently started working on revamping our automated workflow API, so hopefully that will be possible in the future, though.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news about these things, but please do let me know if there is anything else that I can help with. I know it’s frustrating to hear that what you are looking for isn’t available."


OK. Sorry to hear that. For our use we have not had any cases where this is a real issue, but still wanted to look into it.


Hi Stuart. At ConversionLab we use Campaign Monitor and have set up similar workflows. I really feel your problem, but I have good news! There is a solution to this.

If you add the subcsribers through an API you can get the workflow to fire again. Coding is a lot of pain and it takes time, but Zapier takes care of all that. let’s you connect apps and services to your hearts content.

In zapier simply set up a connection (or zap as they call it) between Unbounce and Campaign Monitor. In the easy step by step setup you simply specify that each entry will re-subscribe (or something along those lines).

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

PS. You’ll discover that Zapier opens up a whole new world of connecting cloud services that can be very useful :wink: