Quizzes for LeadGen - Looking for Reccomendations


I am thinking of using a quiz on my landing page for leadGen and it is my first time. Here is the page - http://unbouncepages.com/fitch-quiz-in-progress/

Right now I am using LeadQuizzes, but it loads really slowly and seems to not integrate well with CSS. Does anyone have any experience with quizzes for leadGen and if so what app or software do you use?


Hey Adam!

I tried to check out the quiz on your landing page but it didn’t load for me. If integrating a quiz from an external source doesn’t work out, you might want to consider using a multi-step form and customizing it in quiz form?

We’ve got a post in the Community explaining how to set it up here:

I’m curious to see how your quiz looks so far, if you can troubleshoot I’d be happy to take another look!


Hey Adam,
You can use our tool Survey Anyplace to create quizzes, including custom CSS. To embed them in Unbounce, you can use our embed script or an html iFrame.