Quick question about having two facebook like buttons on unbounce page


So, On my unbounce page I have a like button that “likes” my facebook page and another like button that “likes” my website. When someone comes to the unbounce page, they click on one of the like buttons and they get a popup that has them log into face (which is fine) and works fine. The issue comes into play when they click the second like button, it will produce another login popup but disappear almost instantly (like its wanting them to login but they already are). It will keep doing this everything they try to use that second like button.

If you refresh the page then it works fine. any ideas?


Hi Kyle - although I wouldn’t be able to say definitely, this issue sounds like it is a caching feature of the Facebook like button. Likely the Facebook widget has been coded to react a certain way with succeeding ‘like’ buttons used by the same visitor.

Unfortunately because the Facebook widget is a third-party widget, the best bet to gather more information about why the button is reacting this way would be to look through their ‘like’ button functionality details from their developer boards here:


I know this isn’t exactly what you were looking for but I hope the resource still helps!