Question regarding External Conversion Tracking


I just want to make sure I understood external conversion tracking correctly.

I have a landing page with a button that leads to a different unbounce page with a form.
The conversion goal I want to track is the form submission (not just visiting the page with the form!).

But if I understood it correctly, the external conversion tracking script already counts a visit of the page where the script is embedded as a conversion. But I want it to only count the form submission as a conversion.

If this was true, I had to include the script on a success page that is shown after a visitor has submitted the form, right?

Thanks in advance!



To track the form submission as a conversion you would place the conversion tracking script before the body end tag on the “Form Confirmation Page”. Then the global script would go on all pages in the head.

If you’re running Google paid ads, what happens when a user clicks your ad, which will bring them to URL 1, then they get sent to URL 2 like you explained above? Is the tracking pixel lost? Just out of curiosity, I’ve never tried this method.

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Hi Kyle,
thanks for your answer! So I was right in that I have to place the script on the Form Confirmation Page.
But I don’t understand what you mean by your second sentence. Which global script?

And two other questions:

  1. Can the script be placed in the “Form Confirmation Dialog” or would it then already count a visit of the form landing page (shown before the confirmation dialog) as a conversion? (My guess: it can be placed there, because the scripts of the confirmation dialog are different from those of the landing page leading to it)

  2. The script selects the last page the visitor has seen before seeing the page with the script - but that would be the form landing page, not the landing page before the form landing page. :smiley: So the conversion count of the form landing page would be increased. Is this correct? (Or maybe the “form confirmation dialog” belongs to the form landing page - then the last page would be the original landing page of course)

Unfortunately I can’t answer your question regarding the google ads pixel. But thanks for making me aware of this potential problem.

Edit: If the script really counts a visit of a page as a conversion, why wouldn’t you simply set clicking on the link leading to this page as a conversion goal on the original page? :thinking:


Hi Jango,

The second script i mentioned is just the Google Ads global tag. Itst the script that actually pixels the user when they click your ad or visit your page. Here is some documentation on what I mean:

As for your other questions;

  1. The “Form Confirmation Dialog” and the “Form Confirmation Page” are actually the same thing. The confirmation is referred to as “the Dialog” in the page editor, and the “Page” in the script manager. I’ll include a screenshot below. I always work in the Script editor because if you have multiple pages you can apply the script to all the confirmations.

  1. I’m not sure i understand what you mean, but from what i gather; your Global tag would track that the user has seen/visited your pages, then the conversion tag on the form confirmation will count them as a conversion. So you should be getting just the one conversion at the very end.

I’m not sure exactly what the first page does in your scenario, but you could count the link/button click to the second landing page as a conversion goal in Unbounce, that way you will see if people (and how many) are actually visiting the second page. Then the form confirmation on the second page will count the actual conversion in Google.

I hope this was helpful!