[QUESTION] In-house marketers, what does your marketing stack look like?


We’re currently putting together a webinar and are looking for some crafty, in-house marketers to shed some light on their current marketing stacks! 

Example: Uberflip

We want to know… 

  1. What does your marketing stack look like? 
  2. What tools are you currently using? 
  3. How do you tie everything together? 

Share your stack in the comments below for a chance to win some epic swag and be featured in an upcoming Unbounce webinar! 


We would like to attend this event  thanks


I’m probably pretty boring, in that my stack is usually just:

Google/Facebook Ads -> Unbounce Landing Page -> Mailchimp Autoresponder

Then among that I’m using Google Analytics, some retartgeting pixels.

My favorite tools at the minute are Office 365 and Adobe Photoshop. Both as such great value now you can pay monthly, rather than paying a fortune up front like they used to be.


We’re partial to ActiveCampaign at the core of our marketing stack. So leads usually flow from Facebook Ads --> Unbounce --> Zapier --> ActiveCampaign. Other tools we use include Buffer, Hotjar, Sprout Social, ManageFlitter, Audiense, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, OptinMonster, Canva, and of course WordPress.


Hi Melanie!

You can sign up here.  

See you online! 


Hey Nicholas, 

Any particular reason you are adding Zapier in between your Unbounce leads and ActiveCampaign?



Hey Hristian,

Great question! It’s not absolutely necessary, but I prefer Zapier for some campaigns because it allows me to pass tags directly to ActiveCampaign without needing to set up custom fields.

So basically, it’s because I don’t like having a bunch of custom fields or separate lists in ActiveCampaign, with the sole purpose of appending a tag on each new submission. Just a personal preference really.

I’m a big believer in using as few lists, forms, and custom fields as possible in a marketing automation system such as ActiveCampaign and relying heavily on tags.

In the future though, it would be epic if Unbounce allowed us to pass on a page-by-page level without requiring custom fields. Tools such as OptinMonster have this type of setup.


This question made me realize that I am paying for several services that I don’t really need! It’s a good exercise :slight_smile:

Adespresso (Facebook Ad Tool)
Unbounce (duh)
ActiveCampaign (Email Automation),
Thinkific (For hosting courses),
Thrive Themes (Wordpress Page Builder and Popups) 
Crowdfire (Instagram Management)
Buffer (probably going to cancel though)
Pipedrive (CRM) 
AirCall (Phone Systems) 
Google Docs (backup record of all leads)
Google Anayltics
Dasheroo (Interactive Dashboards) 
Zapier to tie it all together


I’d love a direct API of the landing page stats directly from unbounce. 


Does anyone have a preference for a CRM and why? Looking for a free to low cost service for a startup client


Also, is there a copy of this webinar?


Hey Zane, yes you can check out the webinar here: http://workshops.unbounce.com/workshop/building-your-marketing-stack-tips-and-tricks-for-picking-the…


Personally, I’m putting almost all of my new clients on ActiveCampaign. While it’s not free, they do have very competitive pricing. It’s not just a CRM. It’s a marketing automation platform and a CRM, which is why I really like it.

For just a CRM, I’d recommend Pipedrive for serious clients, or Nimble for those who want something less sophisticated and more individualized.