Question about editing the java script


Hi, I’m new here and I need help. I hope I’m not bothering anyone by reaching out here.

I’ve edited the java script on my unbounce page and I replaced an imgur picture link with a link to another. this is what the new direct link looks like:

Still when I post the unbounce page onto Facebook it comes up with the old picture, why?

Kind rgs,


Guessing you tried republish, checked in an incognito brower, cleared cache, tried load the page with “?test=1” afterwards?

((sounds like the cache hasn’t updated…))


Thanks Timothy! So happy someone replied… :sweat_smile:
I’m going to try incognito, that I did’nt do yet.

But now there’s more trouble, there’s a orange ! alert on the java script 2 and now the website opens up w a big photo before the page starts… Hmmm What can that be?

This is the script



In incognito, the page opens correctly so that’s OK
But still when I post it to FB it’s the old ohoto that pops up… Thanks for the tip though. If you can help me further then that’s great… :smile:


I solved it
Found all the answers here:
But thanks, all the same