Query on Leads


It would be nice if we could do a query on unbounce to find out how many
leads we are getting from a certain source. For example, we’re getting leads
from google and Microsoft. We’d like to know how many leads from Microsoft we received from dates
November 1 Ð November 30 from a particular country. It would be nice if I
could get the total number without having to manually dig into each landing
page and count. Do you think this would be possible in the future?


Hi Mia,

This is an excellent suggestion.
Right now we’re beginning to evaluate and design the Unbounce API. Theoretically this will allow us to do exactly what you’re asking for.
Unfortunately, we’re very early in the planning stages right now.
However, I have added your suggestion to our growing pool of ideas.

Thank you!


Hi Mia,

We’ve just set up a landing page for our API. If you’re interested in following our progress, you can sign up here: