Putting landing page in root of custom domain?


I have a custom domain and I’d like to create a landing page that basically sits at the root of the site, something like this:


instead of


is this possible?


ok I found another thread with the solution - but when I tried to delete the landing page name and pressed enter, the text would not go away which is confusing.

i actually had to click the i’m finished button …


Hi Bert, glad you got that figured out. We’re aware there’s a bit of a bug/usability issue there and have it on our list to fix…


I need a similar thing - primarily because I want to access Facebook’s Insight tools for my custom domain - and they require that I insert some tags into the root page of the domain…

Is this possible? Bert - where did you find the solution? Carl - any pointers?



Hi Conor, this is pretty straightforward. First, setup your custom domain in Unbounce. Then, create a new page, and using the “Change URL” button, just delete the “path” part of the URL.