Put the wrong domain


Argh, it was late, and I copy pasted the wrong thing. Ended up with YOUR domain as my custom domain :slight_smile:

My actual domain should be: promos.interiordesignottawa.com

Please change it. Thank you!


Hello Roman - thanks for letting us know. I’m confident we can help you out with this one.

Please send and email to support@unbounce.com and include the name and email address that the account is registered under and we will go in and change it for you.

We will be including the ability for people to edit their custom domain names in Unbounce as a standard feature before too long.


Hi Guys - I also have the same problem set up the wrong domain, went to change and notice I can’t. Will also send you an email…


Hey LittleNomads - we got your support request and have updated your domain. Let us know if you still need some help.


brilliant stuff - thanks for the quick turnaround


no worries! glad to see you’re stoked now :slight_smile:


Hi Roman, I just responded to your support email - your custom domain should be updated now!


Just want to let everyone know that we released a new feature today that lets you manage your custom domains without needing to get in touch with support anymore.

If you go to Account => Custom Domains, you’ll see a control panel that lets you add new domains, change existing domains, or delete domains.

Let us know if you have any feedback!