Put the correct size of widget


Hello guys,

Im building a landing page with PlayStore and AppStore widget, but on the code I dont know how to put the correct size. Could anyone help me please?


Hey @MatheusMourao,

You’ll need to be a bit more specific.

When you say AppStore widget are you referring to an AppStore button that takes visitors of your landing page to the app in the AppStore?

If that’s the case, you’ll need to figure out the size of the image you are using for the button and adjust it accordingly in the Unbounce builder.

However, if you have something else in mind with the term “widget”, let us know and I’m sure the community can help you figure it out.



Hi @Hristian, thanks for the answer.

Yeah I`m referring to an appstore button that guides the user to download the app. I need to put this button on the landing page.
This is the image with the button on our website (www.tutormundi.com):

But I don`t know the correct size to put on the landing page, could you help me please?



The button images in the footer of your site have a size of 120 x 36.17 so you can use that if you want the same size buttons.


Many thanks :slight_smile: