Publishing is not working


My page says “Unpublished. This page will not be visible to the public until you publish it.”

I publish it, but it still says unpublished and the URL has 404.


This is resolved now.


Hello Phil - that problem was briefly caused by an issue with one of our Amazon servers. Everything is up and running again so as you pointed you, the issue should be resolved. If you experience something like this again, please give us a shout or send us an email to


how to publish from inside the editor window… please explain me?


Hello Arun - Unfortunately you cannot publish from within the editor just yet.

To republish your page:

  1. Save your page in the editor,
  2. Return to the overview screen,
  3. Hit the green ‘Republish Page’ button

See… for more information.

I hope that helps!


the link is not working… I also want to know how to publish my landing page what is the overview screen?