Published website does not show some images



I have been working on developing the website on unbounce. It all looks great in preview mode but when I published it some images stopped appearing.

Does someone have any hints on what might be the problem?


Hi Tyrre,

I’ve gone ahead and pulled up both your published page, as well as your edit (and then preview) pages and everything looks good on my end. You can take a look at what I’m seeing here:

I have a feeling this might simply be a caching error. Can you try doing a hard refresh in your browser? If that doesn’t work, try clearing your cache/cookies/browser history and see if that resolves the issue. Finally, if both of these fail to fix things, go ahead and try opening this up in a new browser just to see what happens. I tested things out in Chrome/Safari, but it could be a case of cross-browser formatting so try this just to be sure.

Let me know if this clears things up!