Publish those popups!


Hey guys!

I have a very short story to tell…

I published a very simple popup for a customer that reiterates a time-sensitive deal for residential TV & Internet. We immediately saw results (in under 48 hours) :fire: !

It took us about an hour to design, integrate, and publish this particular popup and the amount of missed opportunities we’re now capturing is astonishing.

If you find yourself unsure (or procrastinating) about publishing your popups - just do it!

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YES!!! This is such a perfect example of how simple and effective popups are!!


This is huge. Thanks for sharing this win @Stefano! There’s nothing better than setting up something quick, and then seeing quick results. Because :hourglass_flowing_sand: is :money_with_wings:!


@Stefano So cool. I love that there are still a few ‘quick wins’ left when it comes to digital marketing. Thank you for sharing your story and congrats - great job!!