Publish Page button


Hi guys,

Do you have any plans on adding the ‘Publish Page’ button into the page editing area?

It’s a bit frustrating having to go back to the home area, clicking on the page you’re working on and then hitting the re/publish page button when it could all be done in one area.


Hi Ravi - I agree having a publish button directly on the page builder itself would really simplify the process. We actually have heard this request before and are looking into adding this feature in at some point. There’s no exact timeline when this may be but we’ll be sure to let you and other customers know when it has been implemented.


Yep, I’d like to see this too.

A Publish button right within the editor is pretty much essential for us.


Hey there! - We actually have another ‘idea’ thread on this feature. I’m going to merge them together so the votes accumulate into one number. This will allow the feature to build more traction and much more likely to go under consideration sooner.