Publish Google Sheet Cell Value on Landing Page


Is it possible to publish the cell value of a Google sheet on a landing page?


Interesting question…

I know this is possible. We showcase customer testimonials on an unbounce page that is being pulled directly from a google sheet.

If you could provide some additional details, I am sure myself or @Hristian can help!


There are two tabs on the Google sheet. The first tab sheet is a list of names and emails of the people who have signed the petition. New rows are added to this sheet as more people sign.
The second tab is just a single cell with a formula that counts the number of rows of data on the first sheet As more people sign, the number goes up. This is the cell of data that I want to embed onto the landing page.


Hi There, I would love to know the script. It would be great if this is possible.

I want that a value of a google sheet is visable in my unbounce landing page.

Would be great