Publish from editor. Preview custom code


Publishing from inside the Editor would save me a TON of clicks.

Also, since you don’t let me test the custom code I’ve dropped in (Paypal button, for instance), I have to go live with it before it’s finalized - not cool. Makes for wonky public page because I need to see where the button ends up so I can move it around, etc.


Publishing from inside the editor is on our radar as well as being able to view the results of custom code from within the preview page.


Absolutely agree… this is long overdue. (I mean publishing from the Editor)


how to publish from inside the editor window… please explain me?




Anything on this? It’s becoming a bit grating, in and out like the hokey cokey.


Hi Stuart,

This is definitely still on our UX development roadmap, but I can’t exactly give a timeline of when this will launch. We’ve been focusing a lot of our efforts on a few big projects lately, such as SSL, responsive pages and spam filtering - but once we knock a few of those down we’ll be able to refocus our efforts on to more usability projects such as this.


Hi everyone, 
We’re currently in the research & design phase on making the republish experience quicker and easier from within the builder. That being said, getting some feedback from you will be really valuable for us at this stage. So, please hop on to **this thread **for the details.

Thanks guys!