Public Preview Links


1: What feature / functionality are you looking for?
Public Preview Link

2: What problem are you trying to solve?
Usually in our own edit views, we can only show others our current landing page preview if we have actually published it. We can’t share a link for other users to open and interact with the landing page before the page gets published. It will be more convenient if there’s something akin to a draft link which can be viewed even by users who don’t have an Unbounce account.

3: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
Higher efficiency, definitely, when a simple copy & paste of preview link will be enough share your landing page draft with others rather than using a screen recording or publishing the page first.

4: Use Case example? (ex. As a ____ I want to be able to _____ so I can _____.)
As a campaign manager learning to design and plan landing page layouts, I want to be able to send a preview link to other people in charge or even share it with the unbounce community for feedbacks so that I can improve the layout and copy etc before publishing it to be indexed by Google or other search engines.

5: Is this being solved by another workaround or any other tool today?
Not sure, to be honest.


I agree, this would save some time.

Right now what we do is just hide the page from search engines, and publish it to a temporary “” URL and share that link.

Also, we usually take a screenshot of it and place it into a program like or for clients to give feedback.