Protected assets error


Hi guys,

I need help about errors after submission of the form I have on a landing page like this one

When I tested it the result is this


and I have other landing pages also setup with mailchimp integration and ended up like this recently.

thank you


Hi @WPMhanse we’ve seen this error caused in the past due to a feature with Cloudflare called “Rocket Loader”. If you have that enabled with Cloudflare on the domain you will want to disable it.

If you’re still getting the “protected_assets” error after disabling rocket loader feel free to shoot us an email over at and we can create a support ticket for you to investigate further.

Happy holidays!


Hi Rob,

Thank you for taking time looking around my dilemma. I use cloudflare for page load speed improvement and its really effective. If I take down cloudflare what would be a good alternative for it so that my page load speed will still be lower than a second?


No need to disable Cloudflare entirely. You’ll just need to disable the Rocket Loader feature within Cloudflare and you should be good to go.

A bit of explanation without getting too technical. Rocket Loader effects how javascript is loaded on the page. Because Unbounce uses javascript for a lot of functionality on the page Rocket loader can cause some issues. Cloudflare itself will work fine with Unbounce pages though, you’ll just need to disable Rocket Loader and everything should work fine :slight_smile: