Pros and Cons of creating a full website with unbounce


I know its a stupid topic as unbounce is meant for creating one-page websites / landing pages.

I need to build a new website (around 30 Pages). I have given a try to Squarespace and Wix but I think I am just very used to Unbounce now and love some of its features and integrations which are absent on other website builders.

I just want to know what will be the Pros & Cons of building a whole website with Unbounce?

Is anyone else using Unbounce to create an entire website?


Hey @jai,

This has been discussed a few times here in the community but to summarize:

There are plenty of Pros and as an Unbounce customer you’ve already mentioned a lot of them: page builder, integrations, ease of use, etc.

However, Unbounce was never intended for building full websites. Websites, tend to have a lot of repeating elements like headers, footers, etc. These would be a pain to build for each of the 30 pages you’ve mentioned. Not to mention, if you need to change something on these repeating elements - you would have to do it 30 times.

You also have to keep in mind your monthly visits among other things.

I would advise you to build your main site with WordPress and build dedicated landing pages through Unbounce.
The Unbounce WP plug-in allows you to publish landing pages straight to your WP installation.



Everything @Hristian said!

I HIGHLY advise against building out an entire website with Unbounce. Anything over a few pages Unbounce is not built to handle. WP is always a good choice especially with the Unbounce plugin now. But no matter what platform you use you can still build dedicated landing pages in unbounce.


Can I make a website like hp customer service using unbounce ??? How many plug-ins are there ???


I have done this twice actually. But the entire site was built as a microsite to be A/B tested and a conversion funnel. Long-term this is not a good solution, it’s not easy to do, and will not scale like WordPress will. The major pro? Unbounce Builder is extremely robust!

Example in question: