Promoting webinars through landing pages. Tips needed


Hi, we create landing pages on unbounce to promote our webinars. We are not getting a very good click through rate for some reason.

Below are 2 of our landing page examples:


Some tips on how to improve on the same would be really helpful. Thanks!


Well, I’m no marketer, but I’ll offer my own humble opinion, and I’ll poke some of our more marketing and conversion-oriented folk to chime in as well. Here’s my humble opinion…

Those are just some general issues. Check out some of Oli’s blog posts for more inspiration around the messaging you’ve used:……

Really hope that helps and gives you something to work on. Again, I’ll poke some of our experts and see if we can get you some more specific feedback…


  • Carl


The biggest thing I see wrong is a lack of benefits for the end user. Instead of just telling them what’s going to happen on the webinar, explain how and why it helps them.

Sell the sizzle not the steak, as they say.

On the first page you linked in your question you are cluttering the most valuable real estate on the page. The headline area is where 75% of the decision to join or not join will happen.

Move the boring stuff like the date, presenters, and readers down the page by the call to action. You want that area to be a killer headline and nothing else. Imagine only having the ability to write one sentence to get people on the event… That’s what your headline should be.

Lastly make sure you break up your text more. People view paragraphs with more than 3-5 lines as intimidating or too long to quickly read. For online reading you never want your paragraphs more than 3-5 lines long.

Oh and on page 2 you need to make your bullet points more sexy. Make them more about how they help the end user instead of just descriptions.

P.S. Here are some headline writing resources…


Thank you so much for such useful tips, Carl & Justin.

Will try these and post again with the results!