Promote Variant to Champion prior to going live w/ landing page


I know we spoke via email on this, but the ability to promote a variant to ‘champion’ without having to make the landing page test live would be a huge timesaver. This morning, I had to publish a landing page, switch the champion, duplicate the landing page and delete the old landing page - a process that took nearly 6 minutes to complete.


Hi Bob,
If I’m not mistaken the real problem you need addressed is the ability to duplicate a page and not be limited to just the champion variant when you make the copy, is that correct? I’ve been thinking of changing the way “Duplicate Page” works so that you have the ability to copy over all of the variants instead of just the champion. Would that solve your issue?


That would solve one problem, if you chose to duplicate an entire campaign - but what I’m looking for would be the ability to promote any variant to champion - without having to ‘publish’ the campaign - saving a lot of time & frustration for everyone.

Take this scenario for instance: I create a campaign for a landing page, design/set up the first variant (which is by default the champion) but after a couple variants later I decide that I want to make variant G the champion prior to launch of the campaign so that if I decide to duplicate the campaign it carries over w/ it.

I hope that kind of makes a bit more sense.


This is exactly the problem I am having now & not sure what to do about it.


Hi Kevin, my apologies for the frustration this is causing, I promise there is a fix coming down soon. In the meantime feel free to publish your page in order to move your champion around. Just fire an email if you’d like your page unpublished at any time.

Thanks for escalating this issue, we’ll do our best to get a fix out soon.