Programs to Manage PPC Lead Gen Campaigns


Hello All:

Pardon my ignorance. We’re looking for a program to manage pay-per-click lead generation. We are looking for a program that integrates with Unbounce and can be programmed to forward leads 24/7 to individuals around the country that participate in our lead program. We are real knuckle-draggers around here and track everything with Excel right now. We don’t use Salesforce or any other database program at this point, but we’re not opposed to using something that integrates with Unbounce if it would enable us to manage/forward/track our leads. Any ideas or recommendations would be great. Many thanks.





Hey Mike,

If you’re looking to track leads you generate through PPC, Salesforce is really the leader in that space. If you haven’t already, you should be able to request a demo from them here. Two other alternatives that integrate directly with Unbounce are Zoho CRM and Infusionsoft.

Each of the services has their pros/cons so I’d recommend taking a look at each and seeing which will has the bells and whistles you need, and which is within the price point you’re looking at.


Many thanks Ryan. We’re set up with demos at Salesforce and Infusionsoft. I’ll set one up with Zoho CRM and compare all three. Thanks again!