Programmatically swap out landing pages?


Hi all,

I’m an engineer at a software company and we have a unique use case for landing pages that I’m not sure is supported but wanted to double check. Basically, we have live video events that we publish on our site. We need to have 3 different versions of a landing page for before, during, and after the event occurs, and we need to be able to programmatically switch between them depending on the status of the event.

Reading over the API docs, I see that there’s not a POST or PUT method available for the pages object. Is there any other endpoint or way to do this, or is it not possible?


Hi @davidmerrick,

I think currently the only way to do it is through JS and the front-end.

You’ll create a “holding page” that would have a script on it. The script depending on the time/date or other variable would re-direct visitors to one of the 3 landing pages.
Of course, you would need 3 separate landing pages as well.



Thanks, @Hristian