Product Update: Changes to Multi-Client Management


As you might have seen by now, we’ve made some changes to the interface inside the app. Check out the short video screencast, or take a look at the notes below.

What’s changed

1. We’ve renamed “sub-accounts” to “clients”

We talked to a number of you who were using sub-accounts to manage your pages, teams, etc., and the majority of you made it clear that your primary use-case was to separate clients from each other. This terminology change is fairly simple, but hopefully it will make the feature more obvious for agencies.

2. The left-hand sidebar has been re-designed

We’ve re-designed the client-switching menu as well as the menu that you manage pages and domains with. We hope to continually simplify the interface and put focus on the content that matters the most to you.

3. Account and Subscription Management has been simplified

We received feedback that our account and subscription overviews were confusing so we simplified them. Now the Account Overview should tell you all the information you need about your current subscription and add-ons at a glance.

That’s it! We’d love to hear any feedback that you have.


Great work Unbounce! Much nicer.
Are we also going to see a full white label version of Unbounce?
(custom URL instead of app.unbounce)


I would like a cheap elephant for sure


Great work!

Any step to make easy manage third companies is welcome and liked by us!!!


great job!


Nicely done!


Thanks Sam! No immediate plans for white label, but we are always interested to understand use-cases. Is it just the login URL that you’d like to customize?


Thanks everyone!


yes so under multi user accounts, the “viewer” sees no Unbounce URL


white label is a no brainer lads! Niche digital agencies will love you even more if you give them white label!


Hey Gavin - I have a question similar to Carter’s. What kinds of functionality would you need from a white label version? Are you just looking to customize the URL and replace the Unbounce logo in app with your own?


Yes, just like user-voice, campaign monitor etc all do


Hi Ryan

Yes that is correct. Our business has a number of key white label partners. I understand the challenge for you guys but the reality is that from a volume perspective agencies are really going to be the ones to drive it I would have thought? The issue is and I’ve seen it many times over the years, we don’t want to waste time justifying to clients “why they should have a middle man” - particularly for agencies like us who specialise in solutions for small business - the biggest potential market for digital marketing. It’s just not a conversation worth having as we try and keep margins tight for this market anyway so having to justify our role and have them potentially go off and try and do it themselves is just not worth the effort. I get why it is not an issue for larger agencies but it would be for agencies who work with small business.

In the unbounce case, the bit I don’t get is that you are essentially 3/4 white label anyway. I don’t see the upside on 1/4 given everything I have said above.

The way I view this is we understand that you will have a direct strategy for business clients to use unbounce and I’m sure you do a great job at that. For agency business I would do everything possible to give them the tools they want (within reason!) and grow both channels!

Look the reality is unbounce is a great product and we will continue to use it and we just wont be giving clients direct access and provide our own reporting for each campaign. (which is a shame).

If I was asked the question, if a product came along that was as good as unbounce and was a total white label solution we wouldn’t hesitate to switch.

Hope this helps.


Sure does. It’s quite helpful to have feedback like yours along with the points that Sam and Gavin provided. It’s pretty key to ensure we’re on the same page as to the kinds of features you’d need. For some people, replacing the logo and URL would do the trick but for others, it could be something entirely different.

Really appreciate you all chiming in here.


Hi Ryan

Sorry it is Gavin. Clearly I have two get satisfaction accounts!

Will sort that out.

Cheers Gavin


Ha ha - no worries. Unbounce used oauth with GetSat so one could be your Unbounce account and the other might be from another service (or a different Unbounce account).


Maybe an alternative solution:

Create a LIVE white label report including a white labeled URL for each landing page where users can invite a third party via email to view. This way Unbounce would be able to offer white labelling without making the whole app white labeled, which I understand is a big job to implement.

I think most users requesting white labelling or an agency version would be fulfilled with this approach as it’s really just the reporting which needs to be white labeled.

This really needs to be at the top of the to-do list!