Problems with Campaign Monitor integration and checkboxes


We are creating a landing page where the goal is to get newsletter subscribers to update their preferences and details. The integration with Campaign Monitor is set up and mapped accordingly to the subscriber list in CM.

All values flow as they should with the integration except the checkboxes. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Is this a know issue?

PS. As a workaround I have tried using the Zapier webhook to send data from Unbounce to Campaign Monitor - and then it works perfectly. It’s the same data that flows from Unbounce to Campaign Monitor - so I don’t get it…

You can see a quick mockup of a page in question here


I’m having this exact same problem. All basic field data (name, email, etc) is being sent to Campaign Monitor but multi-option checkboxes are not. Desperately need a solution for this quickly, please.