Problem Lead sendinf to Mailchimp with field mapping submition form


I’m getting this error “Wrong type NilClass. Not allowed!” in my integration with mailchimp, using field mapping.


Hi there Felix,

This is a known issue that I’m hoping to fix soon!
Here’s the actual description I’ve got in our issue tracker:

“Having “e-mail” in the form results in this error. This is because the fuzzy-extract for “email” doesn’t match on it.”

Are you explicitly mapping your email field to the EMAIL merge var in MailChimp?


I have the same problem and the solution of Aaron works for me.
BUT: In German “email” is written correctly “E-Mail”. Everything else is wrong.

I try to deliver professional services and I try to write correctly. That’s why it’s not a very big issue for me but a splash on my site.