Problem! Chrome showing "not secure" / Unbounce shows SSL enabled

Problem with “NOT SECURE” message when visiting domain online.

SSL seems to be enabled within Unbounce.

Hello, I recently published an unbounce page with a godaddy domain. ( I have a
few others successfully published that do not have this problem).

On Domain tab, the domain shows the green lock icon, and the check mark and words “Working and Secure” are present. (all other domains there show the same)
Force “https” on all non-word press domains is blue (on). This is a Godaddy domain.

On the pages tab, each of the pages shows the green lock icon, and “https://” is present before the for each page.

Hi @dsands, this might be something better suited for the Unbounce Support team, since it might require them to take a look behind the scenes of your page in question.

I’d give them a shout on email or open a chat box. Hope you’re able to get this sorted!